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Suggestions on how to raise the level of intensive pig farming

On September 11, agricultural NongCunBu three times on the 13th session of the National People’s Congress conference 7111 recommendations “Suggestions for vigorously improve the level of industry intensive” reply, agricultural NongCunBu says, will be put into production of live pigs national security strategy, strengthen the macroscopic management as a whole, increasing financial support for intensive pig production, to strengthen market regulation guarantee ability of live pigs, promote the construction of pig large data centers.


We will incorporate pig production into the national security strategy and strengthen overall macro management

The CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the development of pig production.In 2019, issued by The General Office of the State Council “about the opinions of the stable to promote transformation and upgrading of production of live pigs, do hair [2019] 44) (countries, clear in the next period of guiding ideology, development target and key tasks, pig production and confirmed for the provincial overall responsibility for the first time, its self-sufficiency rate of pork is asking the country to remain at around 95%, the specific do stable production, to ensure its self-sufficiency rate of a certain king pin province.The relevant departments have successively introduced a package of support policies for capital construction, fiscal subsidies, financial insurance and land for breeding, providing strong support for ensuring stable production and supply of pigs. 

Next, I will seriously implement the party central committee and the State Council decision deployment, insisting that pig production stable guarantee for as a key task in the “three rural” work, further improve the policy support system, optimizing the regional layout, speed up the industrial transformation and upgrading, constantly enhance the comprehensive production capacity and supply support capability, efforts will be pork dishes steadied in our own hands.

Post time: Oct-23-2020